Thanks for visiting my site and following my journey!



I’ve been doing tons of stuff in recent years but I’m a singer / songwriter above all else.

Since I’m running this whole thing by myself I kinda have to be a producer, sound engineer, video editor, photographer, graphic designer, blogger, web designer and whatever else you can think of 😀 …Did I also mention I have a full-time day job while all of this is going on?

It’s a lot of work and it took years to make the first step but I’m finally doing this, so thank you for being here and I hope you find something you like in my projects 🙂



I’m starting off with a few cover songs just to warm up. When the time comes I’ll move on to bigger, greater things.

I also love traveling, so you should definitely expect a few travel vlogs here and there 🙂

Between uploads and blog posts I’ll keep in touch on my social accounts below as well.


Hope to see you here again!